Announcing the Kingdom of God:

On Saturday, Oct. 5 the Presbytery of Newton has invited our congregations to gather to learn more about the missional practice of Announcing the Kingdom of God.  Where do you see God at work in the world today?  If all we do is listen to the news, perhaps we begin to feel like there is a deep absence of God in the world.  But when we learn to listen, to look, to feel, to perhaps even use our sense of smell, we can begin to notice God all around us.  Are we a people of hope or hopelessness?

Creating God, we pray for the people of the Bahamas as they begin the process of rebuilding their lives and for those that are called and willing to go and help with the first and second response.  You are at work in the compassion of others that seek to provide the much needed resources of survival for these our brothers and sisters.

Creating God, we pray for those gathered at the United Nations as they share and discuss the climate crisis.  We give you thanks for being at work amongst those willing to be prophetic voices, calling for change and action.

Creating God, we pray for those in our own communities that are in need of affordable housing and for the most vulnerable: basic shelter for these upcoming winter months.  We give you thanks for agencies such as: Habitat for Humanity, Family Promise, and Homeless Solutions that offer a safety net to those in the midst of crisis.

We see you God, in the work of your people, in the compassion and goodness of so many, in the love shared as strangers reach out and extend the circle of community to others.  We see you God in the upbuilding of hope that extends across borders, across cultures, and across the street.  Guide us in naming the moments when we see your light of reconciliation and wholeness shining in the work of others.  Amen.