Did You Know?

Missional Giving enables us to:  Equip and Develop Pastoral and Congregational Leaders in times of transition.  Currently, we have 11 congregations in transition.   As the MMT (Missional Ministry Team) and the COM (Committee on Ministry) walk alongside these congregations resources are needed to support interim ministers, guide congregations through their discernment studies, and for conflict resolution when needed.  In the 2019 budget, COM has $500 designated for conflict mediation and MMT has $2,000 designated towards training pastors and $4,500 for consultants and workshops.  As a connectional church, the Presbytery is here to support churches as they seek new pastoral leadership or have reached a place where they need to discern their future viability.  Missional Giving gifts given from our congregations, are dispersed throughout our presbytery to strengthen the whole.

As your Finance Teams and Sessions begin the process of creating your 2020 budget, please consider making a Missional Giving Gift to Newton Presbytery.