Prayers from the September Presbytery Meeting

When we gather as God’s people we gather with full hearts bringing myriad joys and concerns and trusting God’s attention to them… This week we pray for the concerns named on prayer cards at the September stated meeting of the Presbytery….

For those who are sick or injured… Glen F (bladder cancer), Laura G (colon cancer), Jeff B (cancer), Cas K (cancer), John (lymphoma), A sister-in-law (radiation for breast cancer) Denise (cancer and kidney issues) Nancy H (brain tumor) David Y (hand injury)

For Hal, Ray, and Richard as they face tests.

For those caring for the sick and elderly, doctors, nurses, therapists, technicians of many kinds, pharmacists, For Bonnie and Jimmy caring for their mother. For Bob and Louisa Y.

For those on Hospice care and families who are grieving.

For our neighbors…

Those suffering in the Bahamas and for the long term recovery efforts which will take place there

The unemployed

For our sister churches and presbyteries, and for a sense of missional understanding, peace and love everywhere that seeks to proclaim the Good News of Christ.

For peace and comfort amidst turmoil. For Bob, Jenny and Caitlin.

That our eyes might be open to misery and grief.

That the church might grow so all may know God’s love and mercy

For our planet and its environment

For those who are joyous, including those who have received good news from institutions and those enjoying renewal in Alpha

For the empowering of the spirit

For the ministry of Presbyterian Women

For the generations, that all may join in God’s plan and know God’s love.

For those beginning new ministries especially Zach Bragg who was recently ordained by this presbytery.

For those who are experiencing healing and returning to health, for Larry.

For youth beginning new program years in church, youth group and school!

Lord we know that you are working for the good of this world that you so love and tending to the needs of your people before we even become aware of them. We lift these joys and concerns trusting you. May we be your hands and feet and show forth your love in all that we do both big and small. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.