Did You Know?

That the Missional Giving gifts from our congregations help support the Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM)?  Currently, the CPM is mentoring, guiding, and supporting 2 applicants for the Certified Ruling Elders program (CRE), 2 Inquirers (seminary students or those discerning a call into ministry), and 3 Candidates for Ministry (currently 1 seminary students and two people seeking calls), and just this month, 1 Ordination!  The CPM has small grants available for financial assistance to the seminary students under our care as well as helping to offset additional costs that are incurred in the ordination process.  Currently, there is $2,100 in the 2019 budget to aid and support those seeking pastoral ministry.  This support is made possible through Missional Giving from our congregations.  As your Finance Teams and Sessions begin the process of creating your 2020 budget, please consider making a Missional Giving Gift to Newton Presbytery.