Grace Before Meals

I have a little book on my desk which came from my grandparents house called “Grace Before Meals” compiled by A. William Nyce and Hubert Bunyea and originally published in 1911. It offers little grace prayers for family meals, and I imagine that is how it was used long ago by my grandparents… it is clearly well loved. Nowadays I like to look at them as I have my morning snack… and while I find the language dated, they often form a nice frame for the day. As I write this on August 16th, today’s said “Make us truly grateful, Our Father, for the blessings we are about to receive, and enable us to see in them another evidence of Thy constant care and love. Amen.” It really reinforced for me this morning that even, or perhaps especially, in these uncertain times God is always providing and caring for us, often in ways we don’t notice as we go about our busy lives. This week let’s make time to stop and notice the ways God provides for us and cares for us in all of life’s busy routine.

Let us pray:

Mighty and Merciful God, we give you thanks for all the blessings you have poured out upon us. You care for us and sustain us through every season of our lives. You tend to needs of which we aren’t even yet aware. Help us to notice your handiwork, and to be grateful for your providential care. Help us to trust You rather than being consumed with worry, for you are always working for our good even when we can’t see it. Hold us ever in your love. Amen.