Prayers for Earth Care

Written by, Carie Morgan

This week, I will be attending an Earth Care Conference at Stony Point.  As I write this, I am looking forward to several of the workshops I will be taking.  There will be time to reflect on multi-faith earth care, involving families in earth care, preaching about God’s good creation, as well as how to cultivate awareness teams both within congregations and in the presbytery.  There are so many critical issues facing us, challenging us, inviting us to respond and take action.   Conferences, such as this, provide us resources for creative and innovative work, moving forward with hope instead of despair.   As care givers of God’s creation, let us pray:

Creating God, there are days we delight in the beauty of your world.  When we gaze at the trees and are amazed at how they grow from a simple seed, and how they absorb the sun to create food, and how they provide shelter for the birds and squirrels.  And there are days, when all we can see is the concrete, the traffic jams, the liter on the roadside, and the mess that we have made.  Awaken us from our bad habits, call us into action as we gain greater understanding of the human impact on your fragile world.  We pray parts of your creation within our presbytery bounds that have been damaged by human neglect.  We pray specifically for Lake Hopatcong, that has been closed for part of the summer to swimmers and the impact that has on not just the local economy, but on the local habitat as well.  We pray that we begin to see this world as part of your sacred works, and that all things are connected.  Inspire us to be creative and innovative in our congregations as we gather as your people in worship and ministry.  Amen.