Prayers for Interim Pastors

2018 -2019 ushered in leadership changes for many of our congregations.  Many of those congregations as they work through their transition time in preparation for a new pastor are being served by interim/transitional pastors.

Please pray for our congregations who are searching for a new pastor and for the interim/transitional pastors who are serving them.

Remember in prayer:

Chatham Township – Rev. Heather Morrison Yaden
Old Greenwich – Rev. Anita Hendrix
First Hackettstown – Rev. Brian Merritt
Highlands – Rev. Claire Pula
Kitchell – Rev. Dan Schroeder
Morris Plains – Rev. Jacqui Van Vliet
First Rockaway – Rev. Nancy Young
Long Valley – Rev. Robin Curras

Members of our presbytery serving as interim pastors in other presbyteries:

Rev. Peter Magnan –  The Presbyterian Church of Tenafly, Palisades Presbytery
Rev. Bronc Radak – First Presbyterian Church of Monroe, NY, Hudson River Presbytery

Also remember Honorably Retired Pastors of our presbytery who are providing transitional ministry

Rev. Tex Culton – Alpha Presbyterian Church
Rev. Karen Brostrom – Andover Presbyterian and providing support to Mendham Presbyterian Church and Rev. Alison Paden  during their interim time.


Gracious God, we celebrate our common calling to serve Christ and celebrate the call of the interim and transitional pastors to churches in search of where you are leading them in their journey.

We give you thanks that you have called these people to this special ministry of the church.

May your grace and love be with these servants and the congregations that they serve.  May all that they do together be for the glory of you and for the continuing of your kingdom amongst us.

May they all find strength as they continue to minister with patience, love, wisdom and joy. Guide us in ways that as the Community of Jesus Christ we support them in their special work.

In Jesus Name,