The Pulse of Generosity: Vital Signs of a Healthy Steward

Many of the calls or emails or conversations I have with pastors and church leaders focuses on Money and Stewardship. Usually it is because there is lack of money and a fear of stewardship.

Healthy and sustainable financial stewardship begins with a willingness to talk about money and a commitment to work together on a sustainable and growing financial plan.

Here are two opportunities for beginning the need conversation.

The Pulse of Generosity: Vital signs of a healthy steward

Stewardship Kaleidoscope is an annual conference offering excellent plenary speakers, informative workshop leaders, provocative worship experiences, and incredible networking opportunities for all who are passionate about stewardship and generosity. Drawing leaders from across the Lutheran Church (ELCA) and the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) and beyond, Stewardship Kaleidoscope is designed to help participants explore stewardship, in its many colorful dimensions!

The Mission of the annual event is to:

  • Ignite generosity among Lutherans and Presbyterians
  • Give practical tools for cultivating generosity in congregations
  • Expand the leadership capacity of those who lead stewardship initiatives
  • Cultivate adaptive approaches for funding Christ’s mission

Stewardship Kaleidoscope  – September 30 to October 2 in San Diego, CA

The Presbyterian Foundation has scholarships for the Pastor and team members, when coming with the pastor,  to attend this conference. (1/2 of your cost!!!). The application deadline is June 17 HOWEVER I was informed that they will continue to take applications until all the grant money is used.  If you  have received this grant in the past you can still apply for it again.

Financial Management Workshop

Financial Management Workshop
November 2, 2019,
First Presbyterian Church of Hackettstown
9 am to 12:30

A Learning and Networking Event for Pastors, Elders, Trustees, Treasurers and Business Administrators

Topics include:

Church Financial Health Assessment
Stewardship Assessment Tool
Planned Giving Tools
Church Financial Activity
Leasing & Sharing of space
Terms of Call

And more

Registration will be open in late summer