Start with the Book of Acts

Where do we start?

Over the summer I will be sharing possible answers to the question “Where do we start?”

A few weeks ago, I suggested we reframe question to “Where do we start in order to understand where God is calling us in mission and ministry?”   Always start with God’s call.

First suggestion was to take time at session meetings, deacon meetings, committee or team meetings and other times that you gather as a church to Dwell in the Word.

Another opportunity to seek answers to the questions is through Bible Study, good old fashion learning about God through God’s word.  Start with the Book of Acts. The characters of Acts were flawed and authentic as they tried to understand, listen and figure out what it means to be a disciple of Christ in a changing world.  The disciples celebrated, suffered, took risks, traveled into the unknown and faced so many changes and tribulations.  Most of all they persevered and learned from their experiences.

Where do we start? Start with the Book of Acts.