Prayers from the Presbytery Meeting

Each Presbytery meeting we receive an offering of prayers of the Presbytery. These are the prayers of the May Presbytery meeting.

Lord in your mercy hear our prayers. We offer them to you.

Let us pray for the following:

  • For unity in Christ, in the Highlands Presbyterian Church, as well as in the greater Church and for all who call on the name of Jesus
  • For those facing new cancer diagnoses
  • For healing for Debby D. who is suffering crippling effects of Lyme’s Disease
  • For a family whose house is in foreclosure 
  • For caretakers
  • For Sharon C., Ingrid K. and Joseph P.
  • For Gerry B. facing heart surgery following a stroke. 
  • For healing for Sharman B. and Devon C. 
  • For Greg and Madison
  • For Lower Valley Presbyterian Church and the community after several significant losses. 
  • For Bert L., and Paul W. for healing, B.J. for God’s comfort and Kim and Danica for God’s peace and hope.
  • For those experiencing unemployment, mental illness and victims of mass shootings. 
  • For daughter Livia who has cancer
  • For the Empowering of the Spirit
  • For The Hornby Family and all who grieve
  • For Mrs. Levan
  • For Becky who has cancer and her daughter Denise awaiting transplants.
  • For Jack W.
  • For Aaron A. who is recovering from cancer surgery
  • For our Elder Care system and families who must make important and difficult decisions..
  • For those graduating, congratulations and may doors open!
  • For those battling disease, those in military service, and those who have faced natural disasters. .
  • For Laurel recovering from a broken foot.
  • For the Youth Triennium delegation, and their adult advisors
  • For my son
  • For families separated at the border, please hasten their reunion
  • For those who are lost, that they may find their focus in Christ
  • For those suffering depression
  • For those struggling with age related issues
  • For Cas K. battling cancer, may he have comfort and peace
  • For the other thing in our hearts and on our minds (a blank card) 

Gracious God hear the prayers of our hearts.