Where do we start? – Dwelling in the Word

Last week’s blog challenged us as communities of faith  to ask  “Where do we start in order to understand where God is calling us in mission and ministry?”

The Missional Practices engage us in exploring and experimenting with ways we can engage in mission and ministry to where God is calling us.

Getting Started Part 1 – The Missional Practices 

Dwelling in the Word

Dwelling in the Word is not a technique or a curriculum or a program but a Practice or habit of spending time listening deeply in God’s Word. God speaks in many ways and we listen to hear God as we practice together in Dwelling in the Word.

Often when we listen or read scripture, we hear what we want to hear or pick out those things that make us comfortable or prove our “point”

Dwelling in the Word engages the community in a time of listening together at a deeper level than what we usually do during our times together.  Through the process the participants listen and discern together how God is speaking to us through scripture, through listening to “reasonably friendly looking strangers”, through our self.

The Steps of Dwelling in the Word

  1. Start with scripture Luke 10: 1 -12. It is helpful to have Bibles or the scripture passage printed out for everyone to follow along.
  2. Instruct the group to listen; to listen where they pause, where they get “stopped”, where they have a question; where they are captured by the words.
  3. After hearing the scripture read aloud spend a few moments to quietly pondering what you heard.
  4. Then find a “reasonably friendly looking stranger” to share what your heard.
  5. Listen to your friendly looking stranger. Listen deeply. Listen well.
  6. Each person reports back to the group ( or small group) what their “friendly looking stranger” heard.
  7. Wrestle together as a group with what God might be up to in the passage.

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