Prayer for Mothers who are grieving

This last week, once again, Mothers wailed at the loss of their children to school gun violence.  Children were, yet again, traumatized and forever changed by shootings in schools or classrooms.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend let us pray for the mothers grieving the loss of their children and for the young people learning to live in a suddenly changed world.

God of love, We give thanks for those whom we call Mom, Madre, Mami, Mama, Ahm, More or Muter. With love we pray for strength and wisdom for all mothers as they care for their families, children, communities and people they love.

We lift up and pray for those Moms and Dads who are grieving the loss of children because of violence, illness, tragedy, separation or circumstances. God of love and comfort be with them in their places of grief and darkness. Help us to walk with them through the darkest of nights.

Guide us to the ways we can be light whether it be holding a hand and crying or taking action to declare that this will not happen again.

God of all. Today we pray for Moms.