Presbytery of Newton Resourcing Coordinator


  • Recruit, train and coordinate library volunteers to perform the ongoing maintenance of the Newton Resource Center collection.
  • Promote the use of Resource Center and the Resourcing Team to the Presbytery through Facebook, newsletter, presbytery meeting and other social media.
  • Act as Resource Center consultant responding to questions from congregational leaders, helping to identify resources (either in RC collection and beyond) which help meet congregational and pastors’ ministry needs.
  • Staff the Newton Presbytery Communications Team, including assisting the team in the collection of congregational stories and dissemination
  • Staff the Resourcing Team and assist the Young Leader formation team as needed.
  • Promote and support the Missional Practices and the work of the Missional Practices Facilitators.

Accountability: The Resourcing Coordinator is supervised by the Presbytery Leader and is annually reviewed by the Presbytery Coordinating Team’s Personnel Committee in accordance with the Presbytery of Newton Personnel Policy & Practices manual.

This is an 8 hour a week Transitional Position.

If interested send a letter and resume (or PIF) to [email protected].

Questions about the position please contact Jeanne at [email protected] or call 973-361-0084