Prayers from the Presbytery Meeting

Each Presbytery meeting we receive an offering of prayers of the Presbytery. These are the prayers of the March Presbytery meeting

Lord in your mercy hear our prayers. We offer them to you.

Let us pray for the following:

  • Franco J.
  • Hospice patients and their families
  • the families and friends of those who died in the Ethiopian plane crash.
  • Methodist Students of Union Seminary after recent General Conference vote
  • the community church of Stillwater
  • Alpha Presbyterian as they continue to grow and heal
  • Prayers for the continual renewal of energy for those serving the church
  • Pray for Anna, Jeannette, Leta, Dot and Don
  • my wife as she begins a new job
  • the Holy Spirit guidance for churches searching for new Pastoral Leadership
  • our churches in transition
  • Pastors who have retired as they find their new way of service and time of rest
  • Prayers for Ramseyer family in the passing of Julie Ramseyer, Director of Children’s Music in Morristown
  • Joan, Toni and Sarah
  • Andy who is undergoing a heart procedure
  • the Mine Hill Church as the search for a new part-time pastor
  • Our brothers and sisters affected by tornados
  • The people in Venezuela that they may have peace and order in their lives
  • Calm, courage and clarity during the times of necessary transition
  • The Boulton family mourning the a loss
  • Healing for William A.
  • Jean and Marion
  • Jodie who has breast cancer
  • Our smaller churches
  • Those who have lost loved ones from flood or cyclones or tornados
  • Kayla, Rose, Ron, Clark and Donald
  • Those who are grieving
  • Those seeking treatment for mental illness
  • The lonely
  • Those who seek assistance form the church food pantry
  • restored health for my mother, Louisa
  • Adam and Kris as they await the birth of a child
  • McKenna, 2 year old with cancer; Aaron undergoing chemo; Betty- end of life decisions
  • Ryan and family as their grieve the loss of a loved one
  • Linda who is in the hospital
  • John as he begins chemo
  • Our daughter waiting for test results
  • Friends dealing with illness
  • All our church communities to journey through Lent faithfully and with a true sense of honesty
  • The end of chaos in our world
  • Uniting Missional Presbyterians – grant them wisdom and courage for the facing of this hour
  • Steven who is in transition
  • Susan
  • Brittany and Courtney
  • Family Promise graduates helped by the Depot in their new homes

Gracious God hear the prayers of our hearts.