40 Days of Inspiration

Lent begins.  Every year as church people we are encouraged to “give up” or “let go” of something as part of the Lenten season discipline. Popular this year on social media is forty days of bags challenge. Each day you clean out or KonMari  your space of items that can be donated, repurposed, trashed or recycled.  Other suggestions are Lenten devotional readings. Your own church may have one to distribute, or you can find one online. Our denomination has a Lenten Devotional.  There are a couple of “take a picture” devotional or discipline that have been suggested.

Lent is not meant to be a mere self improvement time. The purpose of the Lenten season discipline is to provide an opportunity for you to deepen your understanding and relationship with God in preparation for Easter.  Over the centuries that preparation time included study, fasting, repentance, and prayer.  Many traditions used the 40 days in preparation for baptism on Easter.

For me this Lenten season I am going to spend each day pondering what inspires me and take a picture of that inspiration or something that represents that inspiration and post it on my Instagram @jbradak.

My prayer for this Lenten season is for all to be inspired by God’s love and beauty and for all to take steps to be closer to God as we prepare for Easter.