Pulpit Supply List has been improved!

We heard from many of our worship team leaders that there are not enough pastors on the pulpit supply list especially on Communion Sundays.

The Committee On Ministry has approved allowing Ruling Elders, who are on the Presbytery’s Pulpit Supply list and have been duly instructed, to preside at the Lord’s Supper when invited by the session of the church.  Presently there are four Ruling Elders who have been approved – Lisa Gray, Joe Martinoni, Mel Prestamo and Stephanie Farley.

Please note these Ruling Elders are only authorized to preside at the Table when invited by the session AND they are on the pulpit supply list.  When a pastor of a church contacts the Ruling Elder to lead worship and preside at the Lord’s Supper while the pastor is absent, the session should approve the Ruling Elder presiding over the table.

The Pulpit Supply list is updated regularly. Please contact Sonja at [email protected]  for the newest edition.