Youth and Faith Formation

My kids were “blessed” to grow up in a house where both their parents where pastor/preachers.  My husband and I have always served in different positions, so the kids got a double dose of church life.  You would think that, having preacher parents and participation in two churches, they would have a solid sense of their faith formation and a connection to the understanding of God in their lives.

Perhaps they did as they reached their teenage years, yet both of my kids will tell you that they really connected to their faith and what that meant for their lives through their participation in Church Camp and Triennium.

Now is the time to help your children, grandchildren, youth in your congregation to connect to what faith is about in a way that exciting, fun and in a place where they have the independence and peer connections to learn and form what faith means to them.

Camp Johnsonburg, the Presbyterian Camp for all the New Jersey Presbyteries, is close by and summer camp registration is open.  There is camp for all ages.

Presbyterian Youth Triennium is for youth 9th grade to graduated senior happens every three years on the Campus of Purdue University.  This is the  year for Triennium.  This is the opportunity for your youth to experience the church and their faith in a new way.

The Triennium registration has been extended until March 24.  You can register by clicking here.

Don’t miss these two great opportunities for young people to experience the love of God and connect with their faith in a new and exciting way.