2019 Budget is available for review

September Presbytery Meeting traditionally is the time we see a first reading of the next year’s budget. This September meeting didn’t break with the tradition.

The Presbytery Coordinating Team (PCT) presented the 2019 budget.

Some highlights of the 2019 budget

  • The Finance and Budget team developed a budget that hopefully reflects the work and direction of the Annual Budget Consultation and Finance retreat. Between the two events they developed a vision for 2019 of sharing the stories of hope, of resourcing the congregations for mission and ministry, of building partnerships and community, of creating space for innovation and hope, of creative communication and of being brave and bold in the world today.
  • The budget includes a per capita of $37. It also includes a reduction in uncollected per capita as the PCT will be encouraging and working with sessions concerning per capita remittances.
  • The budget team included, as the starting point, 4.25% from the undesignated reserve funds as a revenue source in alignment with our investment policy. The revenue to cover the deficit will also come from the undesignated reserve funds. This could be as much as an additional 10% draw from undesignated reserve. If all session remits their portion of the per capita and increases their missional giving, the deficit will be reduced by more than half.
  • The PCT continues to work towards a sustainable financial model through the work of the Funds Development Team, working with other presbyteries on shared resources, and communication with congregations and session about the mission and ministry of our presbytery and partner congregations.
  • The Funds Development Team presented the Presbytery of Newton Planned Giving web page.


Here is the information from the budget presentation. Please review the information with your session. If you have any questions or comments, please send them by October 19 to [email protected].

Items approved by the Presbytery relating to the 2019 Budget

  • The Presbytery approved raising the per capita $2.00 to $37.00 per member. (This was partly due to the increase in the General Assembly Per Capita)
  • They approved that the 2019 Undesignated Missional Giving be 95% for the presbytery and 5% for the synod.
  • The Presbytery approved that the income from the Sara Clark Miller Permanent Fund be applied to the Presbytery’s operating budget.

The 2019 budget was received for a first reading. The Presbytery will vote on it in November.

Helpful information about the 2019 Budget