Opioid Crisis Resource List

New Jersey Addiction Services Hotline:

1.844.276.2777 for assistance and referral to treatment

REACH NJ: Gov. Chris Christie’s initiative


844.REACH.NJ (844.732.2465)

–A clearinghouse for support for those seeking treatment and support for their families

“In my experience, there are as many active addicts and alcoholics upstairs in churches as there are downstairs. But the ability to be honest about it and seek help unfortunately is a challenge for most people.”

Pastor Mike Clark

Preach, Pray, Partner


Candlelight Vigil or Remembrance Day Event for those who have lost loved ones to addiction


Lenten Devotional:

“Into the Light: Join the Conversation” (Written for 2017, easily adapted)



“Celebrate Recovery” from Saddleback Church, Rick Warren and John Baker

“Celebrate Recovery uses the language of hurts, habits and hang-ups,” said Mark McNeese, a pastoral assistant at First Church. “It’s a Christ-centered program based on the eight principles that are found within the Beatitudes. It also follows the regular 12-step program.”

Drug Policy Reform Resources (listed below)


Drug Policy Task Force Recommended Resources

Papers and Studies

Video and Film




  • Addiction and Grace, Gerald G. May, Harper One, 1988 (available in Resource Center)
  • Chasing the Scream, Johann Hari, Bloomsbury Circus, 2015
  • Dealing Death and Drugs, Beto O’Rourke and Susie Byrd, Cinco Puntos Press, 2011
  • Drug Crazy: How We Got Into This Mess and How We Can Get Out, Mike Gray, Routledge, 2000
  • Drug War Zone: Frontline Dispatches from the Streets of El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, Howard Campbell, University of Texas, 2009
  • The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander, The New Press, 2011
  • Building a Movement to End the New Jim Crow, Daniel Hunter, Veterans of Hope Project, 2015
  • To Die in Mexico, John Gibler, City Lights, 2011
  • Victims & Sinners, Linda Mercadante, Westminster John Knox Press, 1996

Presbyterian Mission Agency Resources (available on-line)

  • Addiction, Grace and Healing
  • Celebrating the Miracle

An Idea for Newton Presbytery:

Because there is shame associated with addiction, find a church (or churches) with whom to partner to host a support group for families dealing with substance abuse.  If several of our churches host support groups, people can drive a distance from their own community and still feel anonymous but get the support they need.  If you’re interested, contact your Resourcing Coordinator, Robin Miller Currás who will convene a planning meeting: [email protected].