2018 Budget Information


The Budget should tell the story and hopes of the congregation ( or presbytery)…


according to several presenters at the Stewardship Kaleidoscope conference last month.  

We hope that the 2018 budget and future financial plan reflects our journey to this point and tells the story of our vision to be “vibrant faith communities committed to learning, caring and partnership”

The Finance and Budget Report

Finance and Budget Report

The Finance team for several years has been moving toward financial sustainability for the Presbytery of Newton. This year’s budget process continued that work of moving towards strengthen our financial future that reflects our vision and priorities.

The Budget Story 2018

The Budget Story 2018

While developing the 2018 budget the finance team used the Presbytery’s Mission statement and Vision statements as guides.

Resourcing Congregations and Young Leader Formation

Resourcing Congregations and Young Leader Formation

The Presbytery Design (2012) was meant to be a fluid and organic document. After some review the PCT recommended to the Presbytery that the Faith and Disciples Team be replaced with the Resourcing Team and the Young Leader Formation Team.

Missional Giving

Missional Giving

Missional Giving Video 

After much discussion and review the PCT recommended to Presbytery that we move from Basic Mission Giving to Missional Giving which better reflects our Mission and Vision statements and what we are already doing.

The Funds Development Team

The Funds Development Team has been working on ways to become financially sustainable 5 years and 10 years from now. The first phase of this teams report is to establish the Jim and Marie Chesnutt Fund which will support items of education, development and social justice in our operating budget once the Fund reaches it goal.

The team will also be working on a planned giving program for the presbytery. In anticipation of this program the PCT recommended to the Presbytery a Gift Acceptance Policy.

All these items were discussed and approved at the September 2017 Presbytery meeting.

The 2018 Proposed Budget was also presented for a first reading and will be presented to the November Presbytery meeting for approval.


If you have any questions about the budget or about our financial sustainability plans please email or give me a call.