Prayers for Manchester, England

Yet another story of a bombing. This time children, young girls were targeted as they enjoyed a fun evening at a concert.  When will it end.  Let us pray for all who have been injured, who have lost a child, a friend, a sibling, a parent. May they be comforted. God of mercy, whose presence […]

The Chocolate Story

Sometimes you don’t know where your stories are going to go or who will be affected. Just this week a friend shared a story about a story I told several years ago. The story started with a very difficult, upsetting and hurtful church meeting. (Yes, those meetings do happen but it wasn’t in this Presbytery). […]

Educator of the Year – Sue Trigger

At the 2017 annual meeting of the Eastern Region of APCE (Association of Presbyterian Church Educators) at Rhodes Grove Conference Center in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, the award for Educator of the year was presented to the Rev. Sue Trigger, co-pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Rockaway and Mine Hill Presbyterian Church. The award was presented by […]

Light in the darkness

Finally we can feel the warmth of the sun and watch with joy as the flowers and trees blooms with greens, pinks, yellows, purples and so many colors. The coming of the colors of spring are reminders of the hope of the resurrection. From death comes life, from darkness comes light. Not all can see […]

Time to fill in the Calendar

We have had couple of days of summer. The little extra heat has helped spur the garden growth (and the weeds). We also received in the office another reminder that summer is almost here -the PCUSA planning calendars.  Looking over the new calendar I started to mentally fill in the dates with upcoming events for […]

Worship Workshops – Big Sing

The Presbytery of Newton and The Presbyterian Church of Morris Plains are pleased to offer the following Worship Workshops Friday, August 25  7:30 pm Presbyterian Church of Morris Plains Big Sing : Introducing new songs for worship. Come along to sing and learn them together Saturday, August 26, 9:30 – 12 noon Presbyterian Church of Morris […]

200th Anniversary Videos

At the May Presbytery meeting we viewed two new videos telling stories about our history. Presbytery of Newton Celebrates MultiFaith Connections Fun Facts about our 200th Anniversary Presbytery of Newton Partnerships ( March 2017) Find more videos about the Presbytery of Newton on our YouTube Channel

We need your stories!

We continue through the year telling our stories in celebration of our 200th Anniversary.  We have several members of our Presbytery who want to hear your story. Rev. Rebecca Segers, pastor at Old Greenwich, is making short videos. If you have a story to tell please contact her at [email protected] Here is a link to […]

Thank You for being part of the Community

As you probably already know, the presbytery is not an “organization” or an “institution”. The Presbytery does have elements of organization and institution. Yet the Presbytery itself is a community. The Presbytery is a faith community made up of other faith communities we call churches or congregations. The overall role of the Presbytery is to […]

Prayers from our Presbytery Meeting

Prayers for this week from the Prayer Cards from the Presbytery Meeting Worship ·         Prayers for Ray G. and improved health ·         For the victims of floods and storms ·         Thanks for employment ·         Thanks for diversity ·         Prayers Scott F. who has ALS. Prayers of comfort and support for him. ·         For a mother […]